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What is scienceBase?

(Science base is under development)

  • Synthesis of available applied science.
  • Focused on understanding and solving key socio-environmental problems.
  • Freely available, content by crowds/users/members.
  • In plain language, scrutinisable format. No black box science.

The plan

Short-term goals (2020-2021):

  • Proof of concept
  • 30 contributing members
  • 1 ally (e.g. research centre)

Medium-term goals (2020-2025)

  • 10 established lines of research (socio-environmental problems)
  • New concept for publishing scientific findings
  • 100+ contributing members
  • 5 allies

Long-term goals (2020-2030)

  • Trusted, well-known source of authoritative knowledge on key socio-environmental issues
  • Strong growth, good ownership by members, members steer into even more interesting formats
  • Scientists, government and community collaborating for better applications of scientific knowledge


Proof of concept

Produce the knowledge needed to incorporate climate science in policy and research. Climate science is there, but scientists, government and people shy of using/applying that knowledge. Need to build that bridge.