SCENARIO 1: Social Mobility

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Contribute your ideas for what is needed in each of the following aspects:

Intervention 1: Human services payments

"In particular, while the international literature has begun to make strides in isolating causation from correlation using random (exogenous) variation in policy rules or

administrative arrangements (see, for example, Dahl & Giesen 2018; Dahl et al. 2014; Edmark & Hanspers 2015; Hartley et al. 2017), this is yet to be done in Australia. The Australian evidence to date is strictly correlational. This limitation must be overcome. Correlational evidence is useful in telling us where to look for policy solutions; causal evidence is needed to tell us what those solutions in fact are. Linking administrative data sources like the TDS and ATO Australian Longitudinal Individuals File with data on program participation raises the possibility of establishing causality in a cost-effective way using quasi-experimental methods."

Source: Cobb-Clark (2019)

Intervention 2: School curriculum

Intervention 3: Banking